Welcome to the B/E Aerospace File Transfer Center
The B/E Aerospace File Transfer Center is a web-based service that allows you to send large files without having to worry about e-mail message size restrictions. Your files are transferred securely over the Internet (using 128-bit SSL encryption) to your recipient via the B/E Aerospace File Transfer Center.

How the B/E Aerospace File Transfer Center Works
You upload one or more files to the File Transfer Center. A tracking number is then e-mailed to your recipients (the actual files are not sent in this e-mail). The recipient can use the tracking number to download the files from the File Transfer Center at any time during the next 7 days. Files older than 7 days will be purged.

Use Is Limited to Business Purposes
This system is provided to B/E Aerospace employees and their authorized clients for business purposes only. To protect the system from unauthorized use and to ensure that the system is functioning properly, administrators monitor this system. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and to recording of their activity by system personnel and should have no expectation that the contents of communications will remain private. Anyone using or accessing this system is advised that if monitoring reveals a violation of Company policy or possible criminal activity, system personnel will provide evidence obtained from such monitoring to corporate officers and to the appropriate authorities.

Note: Customers/Suppliers can only use this service to send files to B/E Aerospace employees. The button "Upload Files to B/E Aerospace" is for B/E internal-to-internal FTP transactions only. All other FTP transactions must register first by clicking the "Login" button.

For training guide please click this link : B/E FileCatalyst UserGuide